The mission statement of the Wabasha Soil & Water Conservation District is to provide technical, financial, and informational resources for land and water management in a way that promotes a sound economy and sustains and enhances natural resources.

AgBMP Low Interest Loan Application

Follow this link to learn more about the AgBMP loan program.

Contact the SWCD office for further information.
Easy 1 page application for board approval through the Wabasha SWCD


The Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP) is a voluntary opportunity for farmers and agricultural landowners to take the lead in implementing conservation practices that protect our water. Those who implement and maintain approved farm management practices will be certified and in turn obtain regulatory certainty for a period of ten years.

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Buffer Initiative

The Buffer Law that was signed into law by Governor Dayton in June 2015 was amended on April 25, 2016, and further amended by legislation signed by Governor Dayton on May 30, 2017 and allows landowners to be granted a compliance waiver until July 1, 2018 when they have filed a compliance plan with the soil and water conservation district.

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Find the Wabasha SWCD monitoring plan for buffer compliance here.


Follow this link to learn more about the CWMA program and funding from the Board of Water and Soil Resources. There may be other avenues for cost share and technical assistance is available to help understanding and controlling invasive species. Please contact the SWCD office for further information.


CREP is an offshoot of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), the country's largest private-land conservation program. This project is a federal, state, and local partnership and will voluntarily retire environmentally sensitive land using the nationally-recognized ReInvest In Minnesota (RIM) Reserve program.
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Easement Delivery Program

The Easement Delivery grants are issued to assist each SWCD with their site inspection costs and other miscellaneous management activities associated with the easements in their county. These activities include ownership changes, staking boundaries, conservation plan revisions, and assisting landowners with ongoing maintenance of installed conservation practices.

Lawns to Legumes Grants

Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources now accepting applications for the Lawns to Legumes program, which aims to increase residential habitat for at-risk pollinators. There is information on planting considerations and planning on website and they currently take applications annually. There is an opportunity to sign up for updates.

Local Water Management (LWM NRBG)

The Natural Resources Block Grant (NRBG) is a composite of base grants available to local government units that help implement programs designed to protect and improve water resources. The Local Water Management Program is a voluntary program that requires counties to use local task forces to develop and implement water plans based on their priorities.

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National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grant

This NFWF grant will engage Wabasha County landowners and others from the Agricultural sector in best management practices and land stewardship that benefit water quality, fish, and wildlife. This will be done through whole farm planning efforts and public outreach and education. Activities will include targeting, outreach, and education, whole farm planning, advertising and showcasing results and assisting to organize a farmer-led group.

Rain Gauge Monitoring Program

Sign up through the Wabasha SWCD office if you are interested in becoming a volunteer rain gauge monitor. A gauge will be provided. Information is reported to the University of Minnesota Climatology Department.

Tree Program

The district offers a limited quantity of good quality trees at the yearly spring tree sale. Order forms can be picked up at our office. 611 Broadway Ave.Ste 10 Wabasha, MN 55981 or call 651-560-2053 for availability or downloaded from our website

Volunteer Nitrate Monitoring Network

The VNM is a network of volunteers that sample the water from their wells to document nitrate levels in SE MN. This is a grant funded program since 2007. This link to the MN Department of Agriculture is the summary page for the VNMP. Wabasha County has open nodes they and we are looking for volunteer participants who would have an opportunity to have their water tested annually.

Contact the SWCD office for more details

Well Sealing Cost Share

Total cost share not to Exceed 50% of total cost. Waiting List may be developed as interest in the program grows to target wells most at risk of pollution. Application must be made and approved by SWCD Board of Supervisors Prior to sealing of well.

Click the link to read information about sealing unused wells from the MN Department of Health